AVG Responsabilidade Socioambiental

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"It is a public duty to continue the effort to make the necessary adjustments for the sake of mining that is truly sustainable for brazilian society"Claudio Scliar, geology, Minig and Mineral Processing Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


Beyond the operational excelence in all sectors that AVG operates, the Group is also commited to the development of the community where it has presence. Therefore, AVG promotes projects to protect the environment and minimize the impact of its activities.


The social development of the communities where the Group operates, is one of the main goals of AVG.. 



"One cannot think about the future of mining in Brazil decoupled from the notion of environmental and social sustainability"Rinado César Mancin, director of Environmental Subjects at IBRAM(Brazilian Mining Institute)



Business Areas



  • Power generation thru Small Hydroelectric Stations.

  • Energia


  • Several Iron Ore Exploitation Projects in all Brazilian Territory.

  • Energia


  • Eucalyptus planting and production of charcoal.

  • Energia

    Steel Mill

  • Production of Nodular and Grey Pig Iron.

  • Energia


  • Challenge focused on the quality of your care and service excellence.

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    07 de August de 2019

    Respect for the environment, this is our essence

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