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13 de Dezembro de 2015 - DOWN REAMING

In December, AVG DRILLING DIVISION performed another scope, which is worthy of attention: AVG excavated the very first down reaming shaft using a Raiseboring machine. As far as we know, despite of its simplicity, scope like this was unprecedented in Brazil.

The shaft was excavated for the transport of back fill from surface to underground, with length of 70m and 0.85m in diameter. In theory, a piece of cake scope to be performed. The challenger was to make it financially feasible to be executed using Raiseboring equipment.

It was only made possible due to the creativity and boldness of AVG Engineers, characteristics that AVG Team is plenty of.

Adaptions to the machine were minimal. One Reamer Head with 01 piloto bit and 02 cutters was designed and manufactured by the Engineering Team. 02 Stabilizers were installed to ensure drill string alignment.

A crew of only 05 collaborators performed the scope in 12 days.

Facts like this only reinforces the creativity power of our Team. We are already figuring out the down reaming scope with diameter of 1.80m (who knows 2.1m) and lenghts up to 100m.


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