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On March 18th 2012, AVG PERFURAÇÕES celebrated its first anniversary. It was exactly on that date one year before, that Rodrigo Gontijo and Múcio Lima set up the basis of what would become the Bussiness.


On March 31st, AVG stopped all Operations to celebrate this date, as well as to celebrate its first 1,000m of Raiseboring. All Collaborators, including from remote sites as Nova Xavantina (MT), came for the party.


The celebration took place at Fazenda Vale Verde and had the presence of Shareholders, all Collaborators and their family members.


José Fernando Coura, Managing Director, now ellected president of IBRAM, highlighted the entrepreneurship of Rodrigo and Bernardo Gontigo.


"Members of one of most tradicional families of Belo Horizonte, Rodrigo and Bernardo Gontijo could be enjoying a good life in any country in the world. However, they believe in Brazil and keep investing, creating weath and jobs for our Country. They are an example to be followed.".


"Ït is a great team and Múcio is doing a very good job ahead of this company", completed Coura.


Múcio Lima, Managing Director, thanked to the Collaborators and their families for all the effort during this first step of long journey.


"It was a very hard working year. But a year of many achievements as well. We did in 01 year what other companies took decaded to achieve. And we own it all to the hard work of our Collaborators and the support of their families."


"Besides the achievements of this first year, we are only starting a long journey and hard days will surely come. We need keep this team together and focuses on our main goal: make this company one of the most funniest in this Country", concluded Múcio.


Rodrigo and Bernardo Gontijo enjoyed the day with the collaborators and their families in the Vale Verde Farm.


Business Areas



  • Power generation thru Small Hydroelectric Stations.

  • Energia


  • Several Iron Ore Exploitation Projects in all Brazilian Territory.

  • Energia


  • Eucalyptus planting and production of charcoal.

  • Energia

    Steel Mill

  • Production of Nodular and Grey Pig Iron.

  • Energia

    Raiseboring & Technical Drilling

  • State of Art in Raiseboring Technology and Exploration Drilling.

  • Energia


  • Challenge focused on the quality of your care and service excellence.

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