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In September 2012, AVG Group incorporated the operations of Honda and Gran Japan Dealership. The Holding was attracted by the high level of client satisfaction and the position of the brand in the market place.


The Gran Japan and Honda dealers are distributed in in strategic locations in Minas Gerais and São Paulo states. We are present in the cities of Poços de Caldas and Ipatinga, which are very important industrial centers in Vale do Rio Doce in Southwest region – Minas Gerais.  In the city of Governador we provide our services to the services industry, which is the mai source of income of the region. 


In São Paulo State, near the Campinas Region, we operate in São João da Boa Vista, a city with very high HDI – Human Development Index, which highlights the good commercial infrastructure of the region.

Most of our shops are located in Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan region. They counts on over 3,000 square meters and 62 collaborators. The Saitama Contagem shop contributes to the automobile scenario of the region, with is the second larger in job generation in the Minas Gerais state.


Investing on Motorcycle sector, AVG Group took over the BH Harley Davidson operations in December 2012. The rights to resale the products of the brand in the capital of the State was then incorporated to the AVG Group portfolio. Located in the noble are of down town south of Belo Horizonte, it is the unique dealer of the brand in Minas Gerais State. The new management is focused on the relationship with its customers and continuos improvement in the after sale services. More than a motorcycle factory, the 100 years tradition of Harley Davidson became a lifestyle. Now this legendary brand is also part of the history of AVG Group.





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