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This Business Unit in the Group is reponsible for supplying the charcoal demand of all Blast Furnaces in the Steel Mill. The Charcoal is produced from eucalyptus farms, owned by the Group. The farms are located in the North of Minas Gerais State, and uses modern techniques for fertilization, irrigation, cutting and coal fabrication process.


The Group owns 20,000 ha of eucalyptus forests and invests in over 2,000 ha in new plantations every year.

Reforestation Operations


We have forests with high technology in the implementation and the choice of clones and proven in the market, seeking maximum productivity per ha / year;


We currently have 17,409 ha, with sustainable production of 20,000 meters of charcoal monthly, being careful in the observance of labor laws (NR-31) and environmental.


Security Heritage Forestry

For the safety of our forest heritage all our gardens have a structure fire brigade, composed of trained employes, fire trucks and forestry tractors, and motorized vigilant diagnosing health conditions of forests;

Forest Units



Baixa dos Araças Farm

Located in the city of Ninheiras / MG

Area: 1450.74 ha

Planting Areas: 1184.00 ha

Floresta Farm

Located in the city of Águas vermelhas / MG

Total Area: 3594.70 ha

Planting Area: 1778.23 ha

Futuro e Jacu farm

Located in the city of Águas Vermelhas / MG

Total Area: 457.61 ha

Planting Area: 332.26 ha

Gameleira Farm

Located in the city of Buritizeiro / MG

Total Area: 9129.47 ha

Planting Area: 3064.00 ha

Lagoa da Minas Farm

Located in the city of Red Waters / MG

Area: 1142.75 ha

Planting Area: 855.51 ha

 Mato Grosso Farm

Located in the city of Pardo de Minas Gerais / MG

Total Area: 707.90 ha

Planting Area: 497.00 ha

Morro Preto Farm

Located in the city of St. John Bridge / MG

Total Area: 6164.76 ha

Planting Area: 1438.00 ha

 Ribeirão Farm

Located in the city of Montezuma / MG

Total Area: 6883.39 ha

Planting Area: 4014.00 ha

Trevo Farm

Located in the city of Palma Varzea / MG

Total Area: 6583.05 ha

Planting Area: 2981.00 ha



An important fuel for Steel Industry


Brazilian steel mills, are also fueted by plantation forests, used to produce charrcoal. The charcoal is responsible for provinding energy and for reducing the masses processed in the blast furnace. Without this product, it would be impossible to produce pi-iron. in Brazil, charcoal represents 21,9% of renewable energy sources, while in the state of Minas Gerais, charcoal and firewood represent 33%.


The largest area of forests planted in Brazil for charcoal production is located in Minas Gerais. The forests cover approximately 1,2 million hectares, distributed in various municipalities, and equivalent to 23% of the total plantation forest in Brazil. 


in the past, most of the charcoal used by the steel industry was produced from native forests, which take 40 to 50 years to regenerate and have verry low productivity, thus being incapable of supplying the consumption needs of industries.


Eucalyptus - an exotic species from Australia - has been cultivated very succeefully in diverse environments(generally in areas with extremely poor soil and scrublands), and today, as a result of reserch for the introduction clones, it is possible for this species to reach high levels of productivity. Another significant and important aspect of the eucalyptus is its role as a source of renewable energy, because trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect.



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