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"Althought not all Brazilians think of Brazil as a minig country, our history, our values, and our socio-economic development had - and have - their basis in mining." José mendo Mizael de Souza



The AVG Groups owns several minng rights and develops several high grade iron ore projects in Minas Gerais State. the total production of theses projects reaches 5.0 million tones  per year.


The Group acquired a strong background with operation of SEFAR Mine, which was purchased by MMX in 2007. During this operation, AVG gained the required knowledge for a responsible and sustainable exploration of mineral resources, as well as for ensuring high quality products.


Brumado Mining

The mining activities of the defunct company Brumafer began in 1963, in the region called " Brumado farm" Sabará (MG).

The site is in Sanctuary of the Serra da Piedade, occupying part of a slope of the Serra. After decades of inadequate exploration Mine was shut down in January 2006 under court order, without the necessary measures be taken for decommissioning.



  • Brumado Mining

    Productive Capacity: 2.4 million tons / year; Current Estimated Revenues: US$ 144 million Status: licensing

    Mining Assets

    AVG Mining has retained important mining assets of iron ore in the process of licensing.

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07 de August de 2019

Respect for the environment, this is our essence

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