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The AVG Group operates in Stell Mill and Mining sectors, with business that includes pig iron production, iron ore explotation and beneficiation.


To complete its portfolio, the Group invested in energy generation (thru small hydropower stations), charcoal production,  eucalyptus reforesting and vehicles.


Considering all its business unit, the Group has presence in 04 Brazilian Provinces, hiring over 650 direct collaborators and creating over 3,000 indirect job positions.


Always focused in excelence in all segments that it operates, the Group contributes to the economical, technological, social and environmental development of the regions where it has presence.

Business Areas



  • Power generation thru Small Hydroelectric Stations.

  • Energia


  • Several Iron Ore Exploitation Projects in all Brazilian Territory.

  • Energia


  • Eucalyptus planting and production of charcoal.

  • Energia

    Steel Mill

  • Production of Nodular and Grey Pig Iron.

  • Energia


  • Challenge focused on the quality of your care and service excellence.

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    07 de August de 2019

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