Princípios Éticos

You're in Grupo AVG Ethical Principles

The Group Operations go beyond the technical and business excellence, basing its activities on ethical principles. Namely:


-  We care about our Collaborators, always priorizing their Safety and Integrity during the work.


-  We believe in the Quality of our Products & Services, developing our process and systems.


-  Our Business Strategies always consider sustainable growth principles.


-  We understand our responsabilities before the communities that are direct our indirect affected by our Operations. We promote social responsability programs.


-  We constantly monitor the environmental impact of our activities and promote projects to mitigate and minimize it.

Business Areas



  • Power generation thru Small Hydroelectric Stations.

  • Energia


  • Several Iron Ore Exploitation Projects in all Brazilian Territory.

  • Energia


  • Eucalyptus planting and production of charcoal.

  • Energia

    Steel Mill

  • Production of Nodular and Grey Pig Iron.

  • Energia

    Raiseboring & Technical Drilling

  • State of Art in Raiseboring Technology and Exploration Drilling.

  • Energia


  • Challenge focused on the quality of your care and service excellence.

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    13 de December de 2015

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