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The first units of the Group was also founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1993, the AVG Steel, located in Seven Lakes / MG. With over 25 years experience in this sector, the Group AVG has a production capacity estimated at 750 tons of  iron per day, variations in steelmaking, nodular and gray.


  The AVG Group was founded in 1991 run by Rodrigo Andrade Valadares Gontijo and  Bernardo Andrade Valadares Gontijo and from 1993 the company added the skills of forestry and power generation to its activities, previously devoted to Mining and Metallurgy.


The diversification of activities reached a new level of excellence through investments in reforestation. Since then, the company began to produce a significant portion of the charcoal used in their endeavors steel.


Subsequently, extraction units of iron ore were added to the investment company, managed by AVG Mining. With its main development in the region of Serra Azul, as well as participation and ownership of other mineral rights, the Group can achieve an annual production of 5 million tons of Lump Ore and Sinter Feed.


In 2007 he sold one of its assets in production (2 million tons / year) for MMX - these assets currently form the mainstay of Southeast MMX.


In 2011, the Group made ​​its debut in the segment of services, opening the perforations, the segment focused on drilling and special Raiseboring. The newest company of the Group has won the market and customers throughout Brazil.


Business Areas



  • Power generation thru Small Hydroelectric Stations.

  • Energia


  • Several Iron Ore Exploitation Projects in all Brazilian Territory.

  • Energia


  • Eucalyptus planting and production of charcoal.

  • Energia

    Steel Mill

  • Production of Nodular and Grey Pig Iron.

  • Energia


  • Challenge focused on the quality of your care and service excellence.

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